Thursday, March 13, 2014

Reupholster a Chair with a Dropcloth

It's all over Pinterest- How to Reupholster a char.  For years this green chair sat on my grandparents enclosed porch, then it moved to my parents basement, then to our house.  The chair is super comfortable and sturdy, but the fabric was awful.  Fixable, right? Right! Using a painters drop cloth I reupholstered the char and I love the way it turned out!


 I didn't go as far as to replace the horse hair and padding.  I simply added new batting like material over the existing "cushion" and drop cloth over that.  Always wash and dry your drop cloth before using it.  I bought this particular drop cloth at Big Lots for around $15.  It did have a seam, which poses a problem for some of my other projects, but since it was getting cut up into sections it worked great for the chair.

This chair had already been reupholstered before.  My grandparents owned an apple orchard, so when I found this fabric under the ugly green fabric it really made my day.  It appears to be someone in a basket picking apples.
The back of the chair has curves as you can see.  I purchased a product called "Curve Ease" which made the upholstering a lot easier.  I used this on the arms as well since they are half fabric half wood.

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