~About Us~

A little background about us...

Kevin and I dated for four years before getting married on September 25, 2010.  Our weekends are typically spent working on DIY projects around the house or antiquing.  

I am continually nesting ~ I love all things home!  Changing curtains, changing decor, restoring antiques...I love a good project!

We spend a lot of our time with two of my neices that my parents have adopted.  We are forever running to soccer games and events with the two of them.  They are our "adopted" daughters.

We are currently undergoing infertility treatments after trying to start our family for two years.  This site is designed for informational purposes only.  While going through all of our procedures I have clung to every word that another woman wrote about her journey.  I aim to help others too.  All medical conditions and concerns must be handled by a medical professional.

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